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Administrative Letters

Activity Disclosure Statement-Form 9137/2/9928
Administrative Conference/Travel Guidelines--UPDATED04/201625
Association Membership Solicitation Activity--UPDATED07/201773
Background Checks for Volunteers08-17-2016111
Birth Certificates - Ages for School Entry-SOE8/4/983
Bus Driver Overtime - Schmutz--UPDATED8/31/201512
Bus Driver Recruitment and Retention Program--UPDATED07/201796
Cell Phone Guidelines8-0567
Coach/Advisor Code of Conduct--UPDATED08/201366
DCFS Student Interviews12/3/2014102
Department of Labor Posters-E-mail--UPDATED07/201743
Distracted Driving08-08-2016113
District Separation Incentive (SI)03/16/2016115
Driver Education Program Guidelines--UPDATED09/201581
Enrollment - Ages for School Entry - SOE8/4/983
Fee Waiver for Driver's Education Clases--UPDATED08/201370
Field Trips, Parental Consent for--UPDATED08/201326
Fill-in Workers--UPDATED07/201764
Funding for Incidentals--UPDATED08/201385
GED Testing Board Rule R277-702-3 Clarifications of - Rule--UPDATED08/201330
Grant Checklist--UPDATED01/23/17116
Guidelines for Dealing with the Death of a Student10/14/200980
Guidelines for Middle School Activities--UPDATED08/201329
Health Insurance Dual Covered Plans--UPDATED07/201798
Immunization Rule or Students (Utah Division of Administrative Rules 1/2015)--UPDATED01/20157
Meal Supervision Guidelines11/7/2014103
Non-Benefited Contract Bus Driver Availability Incentive Program08/08/2016110
Non-graduating Seniors2/28/201499
Off-season Athletic Programs-guidelines for--UPDATED08/201365
Office of Recovery Services request for student information7/10/0361
Oxygen Use in Schools and On the Bus7/1/2014100
Parent Disruption of School--UPDATED07/201797
Parent/Guardian Consent Form Human Sexuality Instruction--UPDATED08/201334
Participation Fees--UPDATED08/201371
Participation of non-WCSD Students in District High School Activities--UPDATED08/201323
Portable Classrooms, Furnishing--UPDATED08/201372
Pre-employment Medical Examinations--UPDATED07/201793
Procedures for Using Dirt Roads and Parking Lots While Driving a School Bus--UPDATED08/201386
Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment--UPDATED07/201787
Purchasing Information--UPDATED9/25/201242
PVHS - Working Arrangement Guidelines with City of St. George1/24/974
Reduction in Force (RIF) - Personnel information relative to--UPDATED07/201717
Religious Speech in Public Schools--American Center for Law & Justice--UPDATED07/201735
Rewards and Recognitions--UPDATED08/201374
Risk Mgmt-Suggestions & Recomm. for School Transportation & Student Travel11/21/0248
School and Classroom Visitors--UPDATED07/201794
Selection Process--UPDATED07/201758
Service Animals7/27/2014101
Southwest Adult High School Hourly Compensation Rates01/01/2017126
Special Education Guidance Regarding Private Therapists and Observers in Schools08/15/2017130
Student Safety in High School Theaters01/01/2017120
Student Travel--Suggestions & Recomm. for School Transportation-Risk Mgmt11/21/0248
Students with Significant Disabilities, Non-verbal Students Require Name Badges (Busing) 8/28/2015105
Transportation-Suggestions & Recomm. for School & Student Travel-Risk Mgmt11/21/0248
Use of Aircraft08-08-2016112
Use of Transportation and Mobile-Powered Equipment08-08-2016114
WCSD Teacher Trainer Stipend--UPDATED07/201783
Working Arrangement Guidelines with City of St. George - PVHS1/24/974